Guys we reached 1 million reads on Mafia King :)) I just wanted to let you all know that I’m so thankful for all of you and I have some great things coming up! Working hard for you guys!


@MarisaRaduenzel 1 million reads is an insane number! Congratulations.


Hi everyone! I’m a new author and I’ve just released the first few chapters of my new mafia book called ‘Mismatched.’ 
          Here’s the description : 
          The younger man took his sunglasses off as he held my hand in greet. I began backing my hand away as I realised who he was.
          He did not let go.
          "Let go." I whispered in a fiery anger.
          He brought his body closer to mine gently caressing my thigh with his free hand. The others seemed to be busying themselves with my parents to notice.
          He brought that same hand up to the side of my left breast as he monitored my heart rate.
          He simply smirked on noticing my fear.
          Feel free to check it out :) 




Wow!! This was a wonderful story! I loved it. The only thing is that I wish that the group stayed together. They were all so close. I actually cried because I assumed that they would spend the rest of their lives together especially after that ending. I would’ve thought they would need each other during those rough times. Especially Rachael and Autie. They were so close. But I know life doesn’t always work out that way. But other then that it was a great story❤️❤️


Hey all readers of The Mafia King! I wanted to get some honest reviews for my book! You can either put it on here or Private Message (PM) me! Let me know what you think! {{dead line: August 15, 2016}}


@XBat_ManX  i honestly loved it i would like to read more that. Thanks for an awesome read