Name: MarionetteGaming (My OC/Me)
Nickname(s): Author-Sama
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual (But prefers females over males)
Favorite Color(s): Black, Gray, Magenta, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Orange.
Favorite Subjects: Technology, Math, Science, Engineering, Astronomy, Reading.
Likes: Silence, Darkness, Winter, Clean and organized things, The few friends I have, Staying to myself, Minecraft, Overwatch, Super Mario, Fnaf (And a lot of its spin-offs), Fnia, Anime.
Dislikes: Loud noises, Crowds/Public areas, Germs, Unorganized things, Summer, Light, Roblox (It's neutral, but a little more negative), Fortnite (ĦȺŦɇ iŦ).
Personality: I'm quiet, and socially awkward. I'm also a VERY picky eater. I'm fine with the few friends I have. And I'm VERY protective of them...Basically, I'm the mom of the group. My most accurate dere type is Kuudere (Minus the confidence).

Peeps (High-level Gamers):
1) @night_hunter_DL
2) @ErrorxInk001101
3) @SCP_Fan_1
4) @DarkDragonProd
5) @Avatar_eater0o1

Gay pals:
1) @_GoldieLove_ (The gayest of the gay)

All my followers, of course!

Groups that I'm apart of:

My Crew Members (By Fandom):
Fnaf (Any and All Characters, even its Spin-offs)
Fnia (Same with Fnaf and the spin-offs)
Overwatch (With the new addition Ligma--I mean Sigma)
Batim (Normal and Fnia versions)
Fn (Final Nights 1, 2, 3, and 4 Normal and Fnia versions)
Undertale (Any and all aus)

Additional Characters (Some I made up, others exist..but are...'modified'):
Audrey Smith (Fnia Freya's soul)
Bonaby Jewels (Fnia Bonnie's soul)
Carla Davis (Fnia Chica's soul)
Scarlet wells (Fnia Foxy's soul)
Michelle wells (Fnia Mangle's soul)
April Afton (Fnia Goldie's soul)
Brinna Afton (Fnia S.Bonnie's soul)
Bethany Johnson (Fnia BB's soul)
Jennifer Johnson (Fnia JJ's soul)
Savannah Martinez (Fnia Lefty's soul)
Marion (Charlotte Afton) ('Modified' version of Fnia puppet)

I hope you all have a great time on this account!
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