Hello! I'm new here. I'm about to turn fourteen. I'm a reader, writer, dancer, photographer, guitarist, pianist, and artist. I'm a hopeless romantic and a big dreamer. I'm a chocaholic. My current obsession is Connor Franta. 

I'll be moving to Canada in May. Quite odd, moving before school ends in a month. But dad wants me to do my last month of school there so that I'd get used to how things go around there. Anyone has any idea? I hear a lot of people are rude there, so I'm kind of scared.

I'm currently working on a novel. It's called 'The Only Exception'. The first chapter has been published. You could always give it a read!

I also have Booksie: http://www.booksie.com/MarilynMonroe
And you can see how I really look like in Tumblr: http://moustacheseverywere.tumblr.com/
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