Hey wassup my peeps im just a wierd girl who  love love loves writing I'm not looking for fame I just love writing and want to share it with people. Oh and don't steal my shit or else I'll be a snitch. Snitches are bitches and guess what I'm the biggest bitch ever.  (I don't make covers anymore)

Alpha King Elias** Cover by: Me

• All my books are romance•

•The lowest chapters my books will have are 15•

•Word count will be from 1,500 to 2,500•

•Some of my books will have bad language, mature scenes, etc•

• I recommend 13+ or if you think you are too young, 17+•

• I do not accept racist comments in my books (WILL BE DELETED AND REPORTED)•

• Do not argue on my books (WILL BE DELETED)•

• If you do not like something about a novel of mine point it out nicely•

• If there are any grammatical errors point them out nicely•

• Do not promote yourself on any of my books as that is very rude•

• If you would like to get your book/novel known you can PM me and I will post it on my chapters•

• Enjoys your day/night and remember to smile•

• Just a reminder, I don't fuck around with rude people so keep in mind that I'm a bitch•

• Love you, xoxo•
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