I'm Ashley!

I'm a very unique, girl. i dont mind to have mistakes in my writing or even my life, thats what makes everything perfect. im told to be a beautiful young lady, although what Grandparents tell you is never right, i believe it all. im a sucker for romance, teen fiction, and sad stories.

I sit at home and write or read.

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Not Just Another Fan (One Direction)

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Description: This is the story of a girl that is in love with the boy band One Direction. There coming to the US where they resently have been shooting to the top of the charts. Ashley the main girl as just moved away from all of her friends and would want noth...

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104 Days of Summer.

104 Days of Summer.

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Over the summer you never think its so long.. Well what if you meet the guy of your dreams and realize t...

Just Say Those Words..

Just Say Those Words..

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I'll have you all know I was up way too late writing and I still haven't gotten to a good finish in NJAF. I'm extremely tired  and grumpy at school and I just wanna go home. Maybe when I get home I'll be able to get on the computer and it'll be less frustrating. I don't know yet. But I updated chapter seven! Eight might go up after school!! Yay! 
I'm about to just post all my updates for NJAF but then I would have to write like a lot so I'm not gonna but I'm to excited that people are reading and wanna give more. Ugh emotional rn!