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Hello, I am a massive fan of the Night Creatures, Specifically Lenoir. I have been wondering, Did Naif really love Lenoir? Or were the feelings that they had towards eachother due to the bond? or was Lenoir just obsessed with eating Naif? I really need to know! haha thx ^-^ 
          - from shikilover


@Shikilover Sorry for the slow reply. I haven't been on for a while :) 
            Yes she absolutely did love Lenoir. But she was also afraid of who/what he was. And for Lenoir, Naif was different than anyone he'd encountered before.  He was not familiar with the feelings he had for her. No reference point for him. 
            I had planned to write a fourth and final book, but the publishing industry is pretty unpredictable and I had to work on other projects.
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