I had another account which I made in 2012. 
I later deleted that account in late 2015 because I was too addicted.
So I made this account in early 2016.
I didn't stay away for long. With that being said, I've seen the changes to this website.
Let me help you out.
1. If you want to curse put an x in the word.
2. Don't go onto a story that you have strong feelings against and then comment expecting them to change it. THEY WON'T AND YOU'LL JUST LOOK DUMB!
My top picks of stories consist of; Grethan, BoyxBoy, testimonies, Larry, and Merthur.
As you can see I have pretty good grammar and if I comment on a story to say your grammar isn't good, you should probably take my advice. No offense.
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