Congratulations to @AnthonyTesla on being the 4th Winner of the Angel Catbird -Caption This Contest!!!
          	And another HUGE congratulations to @BenSobieck for being the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!
          	Congratulations again to all the Winners and Thank You to everyone who took part!


@MargaretAtwood I entered the Hulu contest Handmaid's Tale. I have watched the Hulu televised series adapted from your novel by the same name. It is very heart stopping! 
          	  A few days after I had entered the contest in my city women dressed as Handmaids stormed the state congress building. I have joined up with them and wrote a second entry - a non fiction essay - with photographs of what happened. I wanted to send you a link. Thank you for your visionary novel.


@MargaretAtwood I'm still processing the first time my name and Margaret Atwood appeared next to each other. Oooo, boy, I don't know what to do with myself. I'd have to sit down if I wasn't already. What's the next step? Lay down? Get a tattoo?


'The Heart Goes Last' was a book that a friend of mine gave me but i have a question, did you write and  publish the book then decide to put it on wattpad, or did it start as a wattpad book then become published ?


@CarreraJackie But why would she start the book on Wattpad without the intent of publishing XD (assuming you're asking her if she updated it casually like most authors on Wattpad)?
            I feel like I sounded like a jerk in that message, but I didn't mean to :3


Hi, my name is Kaitlyn Huey and I am a young writer who would love some pointers and help. Any tips?


I would simply say that I love your writing.
          I read Bodily harm and your poem ' Variations in the word sleep' I have fallen in love with your imagination and your writing skills. The way you treat myths and create wonderful images is simply awesome. I would consider myself sucessful if I wrote half as beautiful you.
          Thankyou for being here.
          Best wishes :)


So... you're popular. And you have a book called 'Handmaid's Tale.' 
          Nice to meet you. I'll be making a short story inspired by your book. If I have the time.


@MargaretAtwood I recently read your poem 'Half-hanged Mary' and I must confess that it's a great poem that I have fallen in love with. As a literature student and a female I find it fascinating work especially when it echoes the sufferings of women across generations. I want to thank you for writing such a beautiful poems​. I wanted to just ask whether the references made in the poem are accidental or deliberate to mock patriarchal world?
          Best wishes Ma'am


Hello Mrs. Atwood. My name is Nathan, I am an aspiring poet, working hard to make my name on Wattpad. My most recent poetry log "13 Poems By Nate" has received 31 reads, and  the reads keep increasing. I wish you could help promote my profile, and thank you if you can. Btw, you are a great writer and author. 


Buna fiinta minunata ce ejti u! Am venit sa-ti spun ca ejti o baba urata si proasta si semeni cu un cacat care se descompune in ploaie. Si inca ceva: mereu am crezut ca te-ai nascut si crescut ininteriorul unei pubele, asemenea ciupercilor. (Means: you are a very good writer) Kisses ;))))))

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