Hi random people who stumbled upon my profile:) My name is Mara, an i'm a dreamer. I hope that one day i can write a book that has a meaning to everyone. Writing is not on the top of my priorities list, but it is very important to me. I may not update my books on a specific day every week, but that is because my life is hectic. I'm a teacher and a mother. I have one son Named John. He was born in June, and he's already taking up most of my life.  
I have a bunch of ideas crammed into my head, but most of the time i cannot get the ideas into words on paper. I hope you guys will bear with me when i get writers blocks, or when cannnot upload.
Please don't ask me to read your stories if you are not a fan...i hate to say it, but i don't have time to read anymore:(

I just recently started writing a new story...ON PARER! not like to get published, but if my computer dies again, i will have everytihng i need in my notebook. =)
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Maramara Maramara Dec 28, 2011 02:56PM
Hi Everyone:) I'm sorry i have been gone so long...i got really sick and was in the hospital (i still am!) but i'm better-ish now and i'll be back on wattpad to stay with tons of updates for everythi...
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Save Yourself

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Description: Area 72 is a highly secret government facility. inside, they have all the disease's known, plus a few that were specifically made in case of a biological war. What happens when it is broken into, and everyone...


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