A high school girl stood before you, her crimson red hair flowing down slightly past her shoulders. This year's sakura petals floating gently around her. She looks behind her, spotting you. Her violet eyes glisten as she looked your way.

A gentle silence surrounds the two of you...

" Who are you? " You question her, taking her by surprise.

Alarmed, she spoke " E-eh?! I-I'm Nishikino Maki, a first year so... stop staring! What are you looking at?" she mummers the last part as she looks away... "I-i'm a school idol so don't look down on me..! Not that I think you are or anything...!" She shoots a glance your way before walking off, her cheeks slightly dusted pink.


Nishikino Maki 西木野真姫

15 years of age

My birthday is on the 19th of April, an Aries

I am apart of the school idol group μ's, and BiBi

161cm tall....

blood type AB

a first year in Otonokizaka Academy

vice president of the idol research club
I know how to play the piano very well and help create the songs µ's perform

"I'm the original...and I'll be in your care" *bows*


@Nico_Yazawa A fellow μ's member, my immuoto chan~ ^^ a fellow member of BiBi too!
@NightSlash my main account~

((*^* µ's spirit will live on! ))
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