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"The new plan plan! We wing it! It's probably not gonna work, but I said it with a lot of confidence!"
- Daisuke, probably



I'm Leo.

I'm around 16 and I don't know what a "social life" is.

I want to be kind, wise, strong (physically, emotionally and mentally) and aesthetically pleasing, but all I am is dead inside.



@Ajay_Heart ~ You touch him, I fight you :)

@GlitteringDragon ~ my vent bro and WP bestie - Same rule applies. No touchy. Me fighty.

@XxSexy_OreoxX ~ Babe :) - She'd beat your ass better than I ever could so this is just me telling you to stay away for your own sake ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

@MizUndahStood ~ She doesn't know she's apart of my squad because she's too cool for that but do check her out.
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MajorGodOfRarePairs MajorGodOfRarePairs 17 hours ago
Yo, I just remembered how the original English dub for Sailor Moon turned the butch and femme lesbians into really close cousins and made it weird, turned the absolutely beautiful man into a female s...
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The Artisan | Art Practice by MajorGodOfRarePairs
The Artisan | Art Practice
-Creativity -Imagination -Invention -Experimentation Hey~ My art skills are rusty af so I'm gonna practice :)
I Wear The Crown by MajorGodOfRarePairs
I Wear The Crown
Just a reminder of how fabulous I am. Perhaps you should remind yourself, and the world, of how fabulous you...
ცɛąųɬყ | Voltron Pics and Ships! by MajorGodOfRarePairs
ცɛąųɬყ | Voltron Pics and Ships!
There's just all this beautiful fanart of the characters and ships and I just really felt the urge to make th...
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