A heart warming story about a popular racer model and a fiery hardworking girl that will melt your hearts <3


I completed the queen's restrain...I LOVED IT...the alpha is the best alpha in whole wattpad


i'm really hoping that your 2nd book will be out soon, really excited with it.....
          I really love TQR so thats why I cant wait to read what happen next with Lucas & Lily and with there son Elliot...


HI I just downloaded the app and this is the first book I am reading so far it is good u hv such a great gift continue with ur good work and gifted mind


Hi! How are you? 
          I'm an avid fan of your book, TQR!!!
          Even before on my old account I have it on my reading list.. 
          Thank you for sharing your talents! Take care and God speed with your upcoming works


Hi! Did you delete the story of Elliot called E-Simple Love Story? I saw that you published the chapter 1 but when I clicked it, it was already unavailable. I hope we can read the sequel of TQR :)


Me toooooooo


Omg! I just finished your story TQR and it is super amazing. I love it ❤️❤️ A whole new different plot and not an ordinary werewolf story. Can't wait for the sequel :)