Salaaaamz nd heyy everyone!!!!! Well.... *clears throat*

◆ Im Maimuna- born on 22-july-1994!!!! im 21- a british muslim nd LOVIN IT!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!! B)

◆ I absolutelyy LOVV summer nd BRIGHT colorz (FAVE COLorZ= anythin bright, royal green nd purple..lovv white nd bright yellow) yhh...nd the SUN- my best frend!!!! I LOVV the SUN!!!!!

◆ Lovv doin hijab stylz nd DRESSIN UP!!! OH YHHHH!!!!! SHOEZ- THE FULL WORKS ;)

1) saudi arabia X2
2) scotland
3) portugal
4) walez ×2
5) egypt
6) palestine ×2
7) Turkey
8) Morocco

◆ I ABSOLUTELY LOVV THEMEPARKS LIKE CRAAZYYY!!! OH MY GOODNESS...THE THRILL OF THE FAST SCAARY RIDEZ IS PURE FUN!!!! Its just.....wordz cant describe the awwsomness of a themepark.


◆ LOVV EATING ND TALKIN 24/7!!!! Ha! No doubt abwt tht!! FOOOOOOOD!!! I mean who cnt like foood!!! Thts craaazy :O its the first priority!!! YeS siR!

◆ Wot can i sayy? ..i absolutely lovv being a muslim...its amaazing nd awwsome nd wordz arent enough!!!! The best thing thts happened in my life nd a huge blessing to be born as one!!! Alhamdulillah :) I LOVV MY FAITH ISLAM!!! :):My deen is green! ♥

◆ I think thts enough for noww!! I cnt think abwt anythin morr!!! So for now...seriouslyy!! Ask away! Life is beautiful!

♥ I lovv wattpad nd everyone - my fans and frendz and those I've never talked to and don't know. your all beautiful and all havv your own special gift nd talent within. keep smiling and may all your lives are filled with lovv nd happiness. Everyone deserves to be happy. It's your personal Right! Sending out my love, smile and hugs to all :)
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    Jan 17, 2012 12:58PM
Maimunah Maimunah Sep 25, 2015 12:47PM
Taqabbal Allahu Mina Wa Minkum. May you have a day filled with lots of happiness,joy and barkat with lots of craazy FUN!!!! 
      Salaamz to all and a wonderful eiiiiiid mubaraaaak! Sorrry im laate. xD xD 
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