Hi~ Welcome to my profile. I'm known as Magic, Witch, Bread (Goddess), and creator of Magic, but please call me Magic or Yue or whatever nickname you want to give to me lol 

I'm a graphic maker here on Wattpad. No, I'm not a graphic god yet but hopefully I'll soon be one. As you can see, I also write books, but I'm on hiatus for that. If you ever want a graphic, just check out my link down below.

If you want a custom graphics, I have a awesome thread that you come to to request~


If you have time, please go and check out my books. If you like them, please leave a comment and vote for them.
Also, several chapters in The Dragon Warrior are untitled. If you come up with a title for a chapter, please PM me. If I like the title, I will dedicate that chapter to you~

1. Chasing a Dream - teen fiction/ short story (complete)
2. The Dragon Warrior - fantasy/ adventure

Shout outs

@Simplyme123 - my WONDERFUL friend and the author of In the Darkness.... u guys should go and check out her books

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Magicstudy Magicstudy Jan 23, 2016 05:36PM
As you all know, I have discontinued The Dragon Warrior. I know, sad news. Don't worry, I'll keep it up here. The good news is that I am starting a new story, a story that I hope that I will complete...
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The Dragon Warrior

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Description: Rika has been lost to this world until she wakes up and find herself running from a dragon. The dragon later becomes Rika's bond and is named Lana. Together, Lana and Rika must defeat the Dark Masters regain t...


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Chasing a Dream (Watty Awards 2012)

Chasing a Dream (Watty Awards 2012)

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The National Figure Skating Competition is drawing near. Rika is practicing as hard as ever. A tragic hi...