Hi~ Welcome to my profile. I'm known as Magic, Witch, Bread (Goddess), and creator of Magic, but please call me Magic or Eileen ;3

I'm a graphic maker here on Wattpad. No, I'm not a graphic god yet but hopefully I'll soon be one. As you can see, I also write books, but I'm on hiatus for that. If you ever want a graphic, just check out my link down below.

If you want a custom graphics, I have a awesome thread that you come to to request~


If you have time, please go and check out my books. If you like them, please leave a comment and vote for them.
Also, several chapters in The Dragon Warrior are untitled. If you come up with a title for a chapter, please PM me. If I like the title, I will dedicate that chapter to you~

1. Chasing a Dream - teen fiction/ short story (complete)
2. The Dragon Warrior - fantasy/ adventure

Shout outs

@Simplyme123 - my WONDERFUL friend and the author of In the Darkness.... u guys should go and check out her books

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The Dragon Warrior

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Description: Rika has been lost to this world until she wakes up and find herself running from a dragon. The dragon later becomes Rika's bond and is named Lana. Together, Lana and Rika must defeat the Dark Masters regain the world peace. But in order to defeat t...

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Chasing a Dream (Watty Awards 2012)

Chasing a Dream (Watty Awards 2012)

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The National Figure Skating Competition is drawing near. Rika is practicing as hard as ever. A tragic hi...


Truthfully I think what OP was asking for is fairly reasonable although it's possible that in her payment section she can add something like examples of checking out her book. Ex: comment or just look at it etc (idk if that makes sense lol) but yeah, regardless of copy right stuff (it's literally a controversial topic on MDC) OP did put in time to find the gift, so I think naturally one need to find the time to look at OP stuff
After two years, I have finally post the new chapter for The Dragon Warrior! Please go and check it out!! Thanks!! Also, really thank you for the constant support that I have been getting throughout the years!!! It really make me want to continue this story instead of discontinuing it permanently!! 
      On a side note, there's still a few chapters that has not been named yet! If you want to name a chapter, please pm me and tell me the name! If I end up picking the name that you came up with, you will get a dedication. 
      Thank you so much for your support! Hope you vote and comment!! Thanks!!