Beauty has no obvious use; nor is there any clear cultural necessity for it. Yet civilization could not do without it.
--Sigmund Freud

I'm currently a journalism major specializing in publications and as such, I do a lot of reading, writing and editing. Everything I deal with, at least for right now, is very dry and information heavy. I miss the imagination! Which is where Wattpad comes in handy. I love fiction writing and I have tons of miniature and not-so-miniature notebooks devoted to my musings, but now that I've found Wattpad I'm slowly but surely working up the courage to turn those musings into actual ideas, and those ideas into stories.

I like to write with background music. The music itself usually influences my story very little, but if I can find something with a really steady beat then it helps to block out rambling thoughts and other nonsensical sounds. Besides that, there's no real rhythm to the way that I work. I'll jump from place to place on the plot line (writing things as they come to me) and fill in the blanks later. I edit everything myself so it's very time consuming and some chapters take longer than others if I feel like the words aren't doing what I want them to.
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Story by Madison
Heroes for Hire by MadyCakes
Heroes for Hire Teen Fiction
My heart stopped. This guy…he couldn’t be real. The floating man came closer, “It’s nice to finally meet you; you won’t believe the trouble you’ve caused us, running around unregistered.” Unregistered? “Now if you...
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