okayy so ummm so it's deleted all that i've typed twice now and im too lazy to retype all of it agai
Adventure Time is my entire world.(and also regular show) because everyone is different! There can be a gumball machine character, or a marshmellow, or any character that would be considered weird in our society, but they aren't treated differently or anything! They're all treated the same, peoples and animals, they're all equal :'
i tend to be insecure but only because i basically find everyone else strong and perfect in their own ways. And I just want to give everybody a hug (even if you dislike me
i'm also super weird and on the annoying side or so i've been told borderline socially awkward+hyper

so i'm just going to ditch all the detail
so i'm Mad/ or Maddie(my full names all fancy-sounding and doesn't suit me x)
i'm a hugeee directioner and proud:
I'm a shipper mainly of Larry, and of coursee Ziall!!;333
they're just all so adorable
Supernatural fan!!!! Destiel<
I also love you tubers.... Im sorry if this is boring
umm i'm not quite sure what else to say in this..
oh yeah!! music is MY LIFE i can't go a day without i
i can't choose a favortite band/artist/or song though. it's impossible!!
oh and i have some strange obsession with gay guy couples.......just so adorable!! AHHH:'
so um here i go

please feel free to talk to me if you need somebody to listen:)
Oh and also, if you're a homophobe or very judgmental about ANYBODY for any reason, please please don't leave your judgements here or anywhere else, respect everybody okay?
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@unsinkablestylinson you're welcome! C:
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