hey my name's madeline, I'm 14, I babble a lot, I LOVE to write and would really appreciate it if you would read some of my work and tell me what you think. and whilst you're at it you may as well vote, because i will ACTUALLY love you if you do :)

oh and (apart from all you votes ;)) i LOVE:
- GLEE! finn is sooo adorable! he's 6ft 3, he could put me in his pocket! and rachel has like the best voice ever, she is too amazing.
- taylor lautner, mmmmmmm, that pretty much says it all.
- taylor swift, speak now 25/10, eeeek!
- making exfoliators! it's wierd but fun. my faves green tea =]
- extending vowels. not in writing but in speaking i like to say 'oooo' a lot!
- painting my nails loads of different colours! although i'm pretty sure sooner or later i'm gonna get a detention for it. my school doesn't like our hands looking pretty :(
- reading historical romances. i'm just nerdy like that. my faves julia quinn, she's hilarious! although i'm pretty sure some of the scenes i should not be reading, we're talking burning loins and stuff, lol.
- oh and best till last! HARRY POTTER! it's fab, dumbledore all the way! i like it better than twilight, i'm a minority =P vampires are kinda super annoying me right now

and i sound really stupid and bimbo-ish when i talk (and write about myself, lol) but i am actually clever! i'm more book smart though, it's true, ask my friends - i have zero common sense.

also i made an msn just for wattpad! it's got a very creative name: madelinecable@live.co.uk i know right? you'd have never thought! add me if you want! i have no contacts on it :( lol

btw 1600 something fans?!? i love you guys! thank you!


What's REALLY Hot! by amanda_jj
this wattpader clearly has AWESOME taste in literature ;)
hehe, i am on it, she said i'm cute :):):):) well, i suppose she said that the STORY is cute.... but that equals to me, of course. :):):):) sorry, i know i am overusing smileys but i'm happy :):):):):):):):)
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MadelineCable MadelineCable Aug 29, 2010 07:57PM
@darkdestiny hahaha, 'super-brand of mutated soon-to-be proclaimed and prolific authors' that is so awesome, totally won it over for me, hahaha.
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