your eyes do not deceive you
          	she finally updated tragic magic 2
          	will wonders never cease


@MaddyRawr10 Awesome! Definitely have to reread Tragic Magic, as it's been a while. How have you been?


@MaddyRawr10 my prayers have been answered


if you ever see this, please update TM2 as everyone has been waiting to see what happens. all we can do now is just imagine hoping one day you decide to come back and finish it. please please please come back we miss you and ur storiessss.


Hello,? I noticed you haven’t updated any of your books since if you are still using this profile, I want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your stories. I especially love your oneshots 3.0 book and how much thought you put into each twoshot. I hope nothing bad has happened to you and life just got in the way. Well wishes!!!


I just finished reading Tragic Magic series and I feel like the ending of the second book was kinda blunt. Is there another book after or something? I was wondering if you will ever finish the second book? 


You legit killed me rn!!
          Just read Rowan and Justin!!
          Why did you do this to me though?????!!!!!!!


Hi New author here. Please take some time to read my new m2m/bxb book entitled: Down on Bended Knees
          Thank you!


I just finished The New Boy and I have mixed feelings about it. I'm sad because I'm not satisfied on how it ends (though I learn to appreciate it) and also sad just because it already ended. I've fallen with the characters in here and it hurts to know the this is the end of their lovely story. On the other side,. I'm feeling happy on how the story goes (except for the ending hahah) and they made me really work my imagination (this is what helps me in falling for this story) and I'm glad that you didn't put any pictures of the characters so I was able to imagine the characters in my head. Actually, this is not a perfect story to say at least, in terms of grammar and spelling because there's a lot of typographical errors within the story but it didn't hinder me from falling in this story. This is actually one of the few stories I've managed to finish till the end and I'm definitely gonna put this in my remarkable lists of stories. Thank you for making this though I was only able to find it this 2020 and it is written way way back 2011. I know that you're not planning to make a sequel but if ever you've decided I will definitely support that. One last thing, I Love Alex and Dex!


I just finished reading Bite Me and I honestly loved it! I can't even put into words how absolutely incredible that book was. You are so talented. I am such a picky reader so, to find a book like this, it was amazing. I loved everything about it! Thank you so much for creating it.


Hey there. What’s the scoop on finishing TM2? As a reader, it gets really discouraging to stumble upon something worth reading, only to find it’s been shelved for nearly 3 years. Any chance you’ll get back to it in 2020, or is it dead like Axel? 


@theMembership haha yes, feel your pain, I've just read it and the 'I'd blown him up' part was funny