I'm a certified book lover!!!! 

I'm not from America so pls deal with my grammar T.T.... but I still wished that u'll love my stories!!! :D

IM SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING AS MUCH AS I CAN :'( i got a bit too busy for the time being. To those who waits for my updates Im sorry and i hope you wont stop reading my stories i will try to update as much as i can

i like fiction books and kind of a little addicted to manga :) (just naruto and detective conan) naaaah I'm really addicted to them hahahaha

i love werewolves and elemental stories along with humor and sometimes just plain romance!! :D

fav. color is obviously blue!!! :))

am a fan of one direction! :D

I am A person who supports the GARDES in their fight!!!! i hate number 5 :P

-----██---- -Put this on
-----██----- your Wall
--█████---if you're not
-----██----- embarrassed
-----██----- to tell others
-----██----- that you
-----██----- believe in God :)♥

"u know i love u but y wont u see it"

hopelessly in love ---------------------------------------------> and that's not me :))

I hate fake friends and am inlove with Dean Winchester :D

so I'm basically obssessed with Manga, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries.

If ever you read my stories please give some feedbacks thank you :))

Lovelots Guys :D
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    somewhere down the road :) i hope u see it
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    Jul 31, 2012 01:52AM

MYblueangel008 MYblueangel008 Jul 27, 2013 05:08AM
@XxoOAMBEROoxX hahaha hirap mging fourth year...
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