You hesitated as you reached for the polished, well worn knob and pushed the door open; the distinct aroma of books filling your lungs as you inhaled deeply.

"Hey chicken." A smooth voice called to you as you stepped inside the old library.

You froze as the number 2 hero- Hawks, grinned cheekily at you from where he was leaning back against one of the book shelves nearby, his keen eyes watching you intently.

"Wanna come and read our book?" He asked with a smirk.


"Step off, flappy bird, she's here for me." Dabi said, strolling over with a mikasa volleyball in his hand.

"You THINK she's here for you, but you know she's really here for me, ain't ya, short stack?" Kuroo Tetsuro asked as he stepped out from behind a different shelf.


"Guys. Seriously?" Jirou deadpanned, strolling calmly towards you and taking your hand in hers, "come on, Y/N."

"Wait, how do you know my na-."

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry." A friendly looking girl called as she ran over to you. "Umm, hi, I'm the author. Sorry I didn't catch you at the door."

"What the actual frick is going on here?!" You finally exploded, "how do they know my name? Why do they have nicknames for me?"

"Umm, how do I explain this? Ok, so basically, you're the main character." She said excitedly, "welcome to your books! There are plenty of adventures waiting for you with each character here."

"Come to Chance Ball, we have a lot of fun there." Dabi called from behind you.

"I swear to god, Dabi, go back to your isle before I dump another vat of holy water on you!" The author groaned in a vexed voice to the patchwork hottie. "Watch him with both eyes." She cautioned you before backing off to a 'work in progress'.

"What the hell am I getting myself into?!" You thought as you let Jirou drag you towards her isle - 'You Had Me At; Hey'

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