- We are 7 beautiful mindless sisters, who supported Mindless Behavior since day 1.

We absolutely love the most talented,handsome,outrageous four boys of our dreams. . Roc-Royal (Roczilla) , Prodigy (Prodconda) , Princeton (Mr. Fernando) and last but not least Ray Ray (Dr.Loon).

Because us seven sisters would never be "Gone" out of #TeamMindless, because it would be a "Uh-Oh" mistake , because we got a "Future" with MB. But that would never happen because we gone "Hook It Up" as members of #TeamMindless. . .because we can honestly say we would be "Missing You" guys as sisters who support MB too .

Follow us as we take a journey in our own little Mindless World. . . <3
1-4-3 Smiley w/ a ;)
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    May 27, 2012 05:46PM
MBSCSisters MBSCSisters Jun 27, 2012 04:41AM
Thank yah so much : ) - Kylenna 
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