My name is Melina, but you can call me Mel. I'm 15 years young. 

I am currently writing She sat on the edge and Letters To Jace

Basically I loovvee to read and spend most of my time sitting in the library getting really into books.

I Love One Direction, ADAM LAMBERT!, Adele, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Kiki Palmer. I'm obsessed with Disciple, Simple Plan, Maroon 5, We The Kings, PSY, The Cab, Ron Pope, A Lion Named Roar, Secrets In Stereo, A Road Less Traveled, Turtles and so on!

I try to read every book that you guys recommend. you all know i do have school so I can't always get to them. I LOVE YOU ALL STILL THOUGH!

Tumblr: thegirl-with-a-brokensmile.

Twitter: meemerzeemer3.

Instagram: mel_in_a_small_world.

Facebook: /meemerzeemer.pancha.

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M33M3RZ33M3R M33M3RZ33M3R Dec 25, 2012 08:06AM
It's Christmas!! Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you all have a safe one!!!
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Letters To Jace

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Description: Meet Jace, a once high school jock who is starting to get his life back together. After spending his entire life with his girl best friend, Addison Jonson, who lived down his block, and falling madly in love w...


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She sat on the edge

She sat on the edge

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[Being Edited!] Enter into Jaymina Wilson's messed up world. All she wanted was to run away from the pai...

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