I'm an accidental Nomad who has lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and Massachusetts. School has been a major reason for most of my moving and forgive me if i complain. I help people by day and make them up by night. 

I have an abnormal anxiety of the outdoors, specifically untimely weather like snow and rain (Easiest way to ruin my day). I love nearly everything that involves amusement parks and can never turn down a trip to the beach. Water, sunsets, and most of spring nature entice me to take pictures despite my pseudo-phobia. I love jet skiing, tanning, baking, pools, sunshine, tv, books, my nook, writing, traveling, shopping, thinking of inventive ways to eat dessert when I'm on a diet, and my amazing fiancé, who keeps me doing everything from actually keeping track of what I'm writing to begging me to try another brownie recipe.

I started writing because reading just wasn't satisfying my overactive imagination. As a child, I was always the kid that wanted to play some imaginary game. Whether it meant battling imaginary dragons with my cousins or creating a soap opera with my barbie dolls. I even attempted writing my first novel at 12, called the The Rena Files ;-) Stories have been a major part of my life. To be able to be coherent enough to write my wonky thoughts down and tell a story has been the biggest motivator for me.
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Stories by Lyza Ledo
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Secret's Out (Secrets Trilogy, #1)
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Hidden (Secrets Trilogy, #2)
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One More Night (MMRD, #2) by LyzaLedo
One More Night (MMRD, #2)
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