My name is Jahmakah (pronounced like the island Jamaica). Soooo 10 things you want to know about me are
1. I Love Kpop! Like seriously I do :)
2. My favorite songs (right now) are Why Why by Shannon and Come In by Madtown
3. 한국어를 배우고 싶어요~ Muahaha
5.I hate odd numbers for some reason?
6. I'm an aquarius and therefore my fave element is air, and my fave color is sky blue
7. I LOVE the number 7.
8. I believe in the power of optimism~
9. I love writing... Just for some reason, Writing has been my thing since third grade
10. 4 years ago I was 13 and my personality since then has taken a dramatic turn, which will probably be seen in my old works compared to my newer ones
4. LAWL xD I hate scary movies but somehow I have a thing for writing scary stories <3
Literally my old bio was cringe-worthy.
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