Hi everyone.
          	@bluecrayonlady has written a great review for An Unexpected Serving. Check it out at:
          	And check out the other stories on her profile. They're a good read. :)


hiii! omg i love anime too and your favorites slay!!
          We have a really similar taste in books from what I can tell so I just wanted to recommend you this one:
          It's not mine, so it's just a recommendation,  don't worry!! And if you have any books to recommend to me, feel free to message me  xxx have a nice day


@nataliepotira Hi! Thanks. I love those anime. They're quite good.
            I'll check out this story at some point. The blurb is interesting. I have exams right now, though, so no time.
            Have a nice day :)


Hey everyone. An Unexpected Serving has been selected for the top ten list of ChickLit stories in the Your Story India contest. I'd appreciate your support. Please read the story if you haven't had a chance and vote if you liked it. Thanks so much! :)
          P.S. They're only counting the votes on the first chapter, so please don't forget to vote for that one. Votes and comments on all chapters would be appreciated, though. ^_^


You seem to have similar taste to me (Tamora Pierce, Scott Westerfeld), the types of stories you like to write sound interesting. When I have some more time than just spare moments, I may take a look at them. 


          Thanks for adding my book to your reading list. I really hope you like it. Im glad that someone is taking an interest =D

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