am the numero uno waifu of akashi 
who writes crappy stories with
typographical and grammatical errors

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seijuro hot-as-fudge akashi,
karma freaking-attractive akabane,
akasuna no hellishly-charming sasori,
and tooru dork-lord yukimura
are my baes for life mmmkkkaaayyy
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Bloodlust: The Warlord (Seijuro Akashi Fanfiction)

Social data: 849 reads. 74 votes. 14 comments.

Description: AU. Bravery and courage - to him, they're small words, give way to the man for he is the warlord OBVIOUSLY A SEQUEL TO THE CRAPPY STORY CALLED BLOODLUST.

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kyaaaa~~ I really love the stories you wrote on akashi ! >//////< everytime I read it , my heart will go doki doki .  hahah!! Akashi is ma bais too ! I fell in love with him when I first saw him appearing in the manga ! XD 
Top 5 best kissers in Assassination Classroom:
      1. Nagisa
      2. Yada
      4. Maehara
      5. Okuda idontshipyouwithkarma
      KARMA NEEDS TO PROVE HIS RANKING AND KISS M- I MEAN, US. OKAY. He probably might not have given his best since he's so lazy.