A random person with a complicated mind
With two brown eyes, yet figuratively blind
Been tied and vowed to imperceptible sight,
Hunting for a powerful bludgeon in this never ending fight.


Let's presume my name is Lei.
I made my Mom scream at the 11th of May in 1990s.
Well, the main description about me is that I am random. I do and say whatever I want, yet, in a nice way. I can be crazy and notorious, sometimes. Trust me when I say that I am weird. Yet Violence and War will never be in my vocabulary. But hey, I have "pretend" here, you know? :)

I always find it hard to describe myself. I don't want to push myself upward, but I want to share the products of my silly brain. Hehehe.


Music. Writing. Bands. Guitar. Left-handed. Fragile, yet Pretender. Ugly. Movies. Tumblr. Friends. Poetry. Mental. Vampires. Witchcraft. Negative. WEIRD.

~ great pretender, unknown forever.
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LunaticMind LunaticMind Jan 20, 2012 12:38PM
Thanks to you as well :) 
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