Hi there! My name is Elina, but I prefer my nickname Luna (or Lunae Felis), which mean Moon (or Moon Cat) in Latin. (Well, actually Felis is a genus of cats, but for me it's just cat).

I live in Tallinn, Estonia.

I love writing, I've been writing my own stories since 2009, but I also enjoy writing school essays.

So, besides writing here you can also find my stories on blogger (www.miss-elina.blogspot.com), where my first 3 stories are in Estonian, but now I started translating them. Hope you enjoy them.

* My second website: www.lunaefelis.blogspot.com. There I post some real life stories (= thoughts from my life) and poems, also it's a picture blog.

Recently, I'm having some kind of a writer block and can't do anything about that really. I even have ideas for what happen in my stories, but just can't write anything down. Hope my followers and readers understand.
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Ära kunagi armu mängurisse

Social data: 16.7K reads. 1K votes. 248 comments.

Description: Peale seda, kui ta armus mängurisse, kes ilmselgelt jättis ta maha peale mängimist, otsustab Roxana Grande kätte maksta. Selle asemel, et lasta endaga mängida, on nüüd tema see, kes mängib mänguritega. Ent m...

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Varjud minevikust

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Minu olematu armulugu/Skinny Love

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Minu olematu armulugu: Caroline Forbz oli alati teistsugune. Mitte et ta oleks keegi üleloomulik või nii...

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My Nonexistent Love Story/Skinny Love

My Nonexistent Love Story/Skinny Love

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My Nonexistent Love Story: Caroline Forbz was always different. Not that she was a mythical creature or...

Открой моё сердце (eesti keeles)

Открой моё сердце (eesti keeles)

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Kui tavalise koolitüdruku Caroline'i unistus saab lõpuks tõeks ja ta hakkab käima oma ammuse crushi Jaso...

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