Love Maddie <3 SHe is my world and everything in it ;D 

soo... im a little artsyy
Im not particularly good at english but i still love to write and make things up, i think its so much easier to express myself on a page that it is the words just leaving my mouth. gives you a second chance.. i need alot of those.
I Love Drawing...reading...writing...stories and songs ...playing my guitar... <3

Some of what i write is personal experience... i find that when i cant sleep, my brain generates a story based on things that have happened to me... so i have to write it down.

so, yeah... you can call me emo or scene or whatever cos i like screamo and writing depressing lyrics and wearing skinnies all the time, it doesnt bother me... i am who i am... and im not about to change for anyone.. so love me or leave me <3
But i have desided to give this shizz my best shot :D
Maddie <3 Flyleaf<3Music<3Bi
Enjoy being broken, cos no one is ever going to fix you

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Charlie <3

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Description: Andromida or Andi, as she prefers... loves her best friends, but one means more than anything... trouble is he can so cant find out.


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India Robinson is being forced to move schools. But its better than she can ever dream of, in any aspect.

Life Inspiration <3

Life Inspiration <3

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teen romance is great unless its happening to you... then its just emotional inspiration.

Reborn (re sub)

Reborn (re sub)

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So I knew i was, diffenernt. but thats just because i'm what you call "Emo" Or "Scene&quo...

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