Harry, he lights up Lou's world like nobody else, the way Liam flicks his hair gets Zayn overwhelmed, but when Niall smiles at the ground, it's not hard to tell, he don't know, oh oh, he don't know he's beautiful.

So... er.... Hi!

I'm from THE most AMAZAYN, BRILLIAM, PHENOMENIALL, EXTRAODINHARRY AND FABLOUIS country/island/continent there EVER was... Australia. Yes, Australia. I'm Sirius. :D ..... :( Not really. >.<

Yeah, I'm completely and nutterly insane.

I like Niall. Just cos he's Niall with all his perfections and imperfections. ;) Heehee.

Yep, so I love One Direction. But I like other music artists as well, like Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, etc.
I also love HP/HPFF. CRUCIO! Pokemon too. Don't hate. GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!

"My favourite pokemon is Oshawott. He's quite cute, quite cuddly... Niall, you're Oshawott." - Zayn. ZIALL.

I hate autocorrect most of the time, and tend to scream at inanimate objects, sometimes people when I'm in what would be considered a good mood for me.

So.. see ya?

- Arawen


We're officially jelly of koalas. See the picture above for the reason why.

Watch 'The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction'. Even if you don't like them, it's just frickin' hilarious. xD

I ship Ziall, Ziam, Niam, Larry, Lirry, Narry, Zarry, Zouis, Nouis... a.k.a. All pairings possible within 1D.

It's impossible to explain they're gay, but not gay, but still really gay. :/

Okay, see ya then dom garde. :P

- Sofie xx
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    Protesting with Jimmy. Be jealous. ;)
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LunaCarrotHoranMalik LunaCarrotHoranMalik May 13, 2012 08:02AM
Guise, can you go check out Charenee's story, "Remi"? It's actually really good. :) XD LLN jks, it's crap. NAH, its great. Or maybe I'm just biased.nbut go check it out please? TANKS!
            - Sofie xx
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