Hi I'm Lucy and this is my profile. I know when you look at it u might be like, why so many random stuffs?
And I'll be like, I write whatever my newest obsession wants me too!
My fav color I'd purple, I'm a grl, and I really like leopards.
I love it when halls comments on my stuffs, I love when u read them, it makes my heart soar!😇😇😇
I hate to read short books that are completed even if they're good sounding, I just won't. Because I like to read 40+ chap stories, not. Some 8 chap completed stuff. I find it a waste of time. Although I will say the books are probably really good, they're just not 4 me.
I love to write.
And read.
And I want you to cheack my profile and see if there's anything that interests you.
And if not, well just know I will always have a new obsession and a head constantly overflowing with ideas.
Tell me who ur fav psycho is, because I will probably know them. My list: Oswald, ed nygma, joker, the mad hatter and lex
  • Currently in love with her fav psychos 😍Somewhere over the rainbow, in wonderland, in a place called home, never land, reading her newestobsession, or talking to her voices who are nice unless their teasing goes to far.
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