Hiya! Let me start by saying that my name is LullabySpark, otherwise known as Ara~
Few stuffs 'bout meh:
-I loves anime
-I love Minecraft
-I love wattpad
-I ship lots 'o stuff
-I love Twenty Øne Piløts
-I love Five Nights at Freddy and Sister Location
(I listen to too much of this music)
-I like My Little Pony
-I love Melanie Martinez and Halsey
-I love Falloutboy and Panic!at the disco
-I like Imagine Dragons and Little Mix
-I like My Chemical Romance and K-Pop
-I love Pokemon
-I like Vocaloid
-I'm too awkward for my own good
- I fangirl too much
- I LOVE gore :D
- Youtube (better than TV)
- I am gay trash
- I am the Q in LGBTQ+

Few things I ship:
Mithross, Jinbarian, Skytato, Vikklan, Merome, SetoSolace, Zene, univacktor, NewScapeComics (and many more I can't name)

Youtubers I adoreeee:
-The Pack

Ty and Seto are my children so you die if you hurt 'em~

99% of teenagers would panic if Justin Bieber was on top of a 246-foot building about to kill himself. Copy and paste if you are part of the 1% who would bring popcorn, a chair, and shout DO A FLIP!! (I regret nothing)

You crush on Stars. I crush on Youtubers.
You say Gold. I say'Fudge you its Butter' then pull a whole rant on it.
You ask 'Whats anime?'. I say 'Watch some you retard. Then talk to me.'
You listen to Anaconda I listen to Endstone.
You ask what fangirling is. I slurp.
You read this than forget.

You say English, we say Japanese
You say Justin Bieber, we say Vocaloid
You say reality, we say anime
You say comics, we say manga
You learn Japanese from classes, we learn from shows
You say crazy, we say Soul Eater
You say family, we say FAIRY TAIL!!!
For all the fangirls and fanboys post this if you are an OTAKU and PROUD OF IT

Row, row, row your ship. Gently through the sea. If you see your OTP, don't forget to SCREAM

🕶 🔸〰🔹

~LullabySpark 🎶✨©
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Happy Valentine's Day to all of you who read this! I only hope for a good day for all of you, so enjoy it. It's not just about love with a significant other~
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