hi fans.

ok i dont rite any books often but if an idea cus 2 me den i will.

ohh btws i will fan u if u fan me so i am kool dat way.

im pretty fun and exiting 2 b around so u can alway chat 2 me if im online. im like alays availabl so yeah.

ohh agen btws impretty free so if u wanna start tellin me awesum books il read and recomend 1s dat r good 2 all da ppl i fanned and ppl that fanned me (if u want me 2 reccomend n stuff plz send me a message so i no :))

ohh and how kool is dis

_ _ _ _ \ /
| | | | \ /
| | | | V
| | | | |
|_ _ _ |_ _ _ _ | |_ _ _ _ |

ok so its not da best but i only ha like 2 mins n now i cant b bothered changing it

remember plz give me ideas 4 a book and vote 4 da best 1s in like 4-5 days im gonna check da best 1 and write a book on it if i can.

remember if im online u can chat 2 me cuz i like 2 no da ppl i fanned.

ok dats all 4 now but ill b bak and online so do wat i say (jokes u can make ur own decisions) but still


ohh and btw if ur wonderin i do like cupcakes dats y i made dis my bakground and da girls kinda cute (like me)



xoxo Lucy<3
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    r u a stalker or sumthin?
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    Jul 26, 2012 08:23AM
Lucyroks Lucyroks Sep 09, 2012 01:25AM
 I <3 teddy bears
            Lucy :D
            p.s. @zozo101 ur welcum
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