@fioregarden for the moment. You can find my other books on my website x


I just finished your book the seven sisters, and may I just say that it is absolutely such a reminiscing, breath taking, and eye opener.  Your book has encouraged me to continue to read and finish the series. As a request can u upload the storm sister, shadow sister, pearl sister, and the moon sister. 


          I fineshed your new book at this moment and I loved it! I'm not English, I'm Italian and I'm only 14, but I really like your type of write, you are the best writer ever! 
          I'm sorry for mistakes!
          With love,


          I finished the Story of Maia a few minutes a go, and Wow, I realy loved the story, thank you for write a book so amazing. I confess it's a bit strange an Irish write about my country, and you do a really good job, I wondered with the part where Bel says the wood that is the table, because (I guess) jacarandá isn't so popular in Europe. 
          So congratulations, for all the work you had with the research, for passing all the feelings of the characters, for the amazing book you wrote ❤
          P.S. sorry for the spelling errors, I'm not fluent in English


@ LucindaRiley I'm so anxious to read the next books, I really love Tiggy, she's one of my favorite characters. Oh, in the next week I'm going to buy the next 2 books. ❤
            P.S. I still can not believe you answered me. ❤


@CamillaSchreave I'm so happy to hear that you loved Maia's story. I had a wonderful time doing my research in Rio de Janeiro, it felt like a true home, and I still adore Brazil. At the moment I am working on the fifth book in the series, 'The Moon Sister', which is all about Tiggy. The fourth book, 'A Irma da Perla' will be out in Brazil on October 9th. X


I'm Priya-(16). I would like to tell you that am really a great fan of you and your books, especially the Seven Sister series. To me they are not only romantic but also very inspiring. Like it inspires me to take right path at the right time, not to be afraid of any situation, even if it might  just not lead to in our expected way, and also increases one's maturity level.........  I'm eagerly waiting for your books in those series ....
          Thank you


@Pri-ncess-ya Dear Priya, it is such a compliment to hear that the Seven Sisters series has inspired you in so many ways. The next book in the series to be published is 'The Pearl Sister', which is all about CeCe, and it will be out on November 2nd in the UK and Commonwealth. X


I've never done this before, but,
          I'm so fond of your books and none of them have dissapointed me yet. I can easily say that you're my favourite author right now.
          I never cry while reading books, but every one of yours has made me do just that. That's incredible. 
          Thank you for that <3


@coolfaria Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot to me! I'm currently in the midst of writing the fifth book in the Seven Sisters series, Tiggy's story, so it is very motivating to hear from you. X


I've finished reading the second book of the sevent sisters and I absolutely loved it. It's amazing and the story of Anne and Jens has seriously involved me. Every time I read one of your books, I fall in love with them.
          I love the passages that you make from the present to the past introducing new stories. 
          I'm looking forward to read the third book, the story of Star will be absolutely amazing. 
          Love you,
          Best regards,
          An obsessed fan.


@harrystyles__mysmile Thank you so much, I'm very happy that Anna and Jens' story so absorbed you. I'm currently writing the fifth book in the Seven Sisters series, Tiggy's story. She makes brief appearances in Ally's story, so I'm very excited to write about her journey now. X


Hi Lucinda! I just want to tell you that I'm a big fan. I love your stories, they are so... WOW! Your books are my little treasure. Words cannot describe how much I love your stories. Sorry for disturbing and bye! Kiss,


@dreaming_on_a_star Thank you so much, and don't worry about disturbing me -- I love to hear from all my readers. X


 Hi! I'm from Brazil,and i want you to know that I'm a big fan! I really love your books and i just can't stop read then. You're brilliant and your history is so full of emotions. They got drama,but got romance too,and the romances are so real, isn't like a fairytale,it's the reality,they got betrayal,doubts,fights.
            I just can't say in words how brilliant you are!
                       ♡ Love you! ♡


@BrennaTorres741 Querida Brenna, it is wonderful to hear from you, thank you! X