It's most probably a good book: 
Φ When it makes me curious as to what would happen next.
Φ When there's something that compels me to turn to the next page.
Φ When it leaves me wanting for more and it doesn't at the same time.
Φ When it enthralls me so much that I can see the scenes play out in my head.
Φ When I can emphatize with the characters.
Φ When I can see and live within their world.
Φ When I rejoice too on their triumphs.
Φ When I also feel melancholic for their miseries and their unfortunate circumstances.
Φ Lastly, when it's worth reading.

And I gotta say, there's a lot of good books here based on these definitions.

Reading can take anyone to a place where no one has ever been. It is a personal experience, unique to each person even if they're reading the same book. When you're reading, you can worry about the problems of others and forget your own, although it's just for a little while. It's an escape from reality.

So yeah. I just wrote this so my bio won't be empty. So medyo sabog siya lol

By the way, hi.

This is me & welcome to my domain.

Random Fact: If you'd let me choose between a new copy or an old, battered one of the same book, I wouldn't hesitate to pick the latter.

BTW, if you know who I really am irl, and it's because I told you, then that means I trust you a lot.
Kasi kahit sigawan mo pa ako at iforce, kung ayaw kong ibigay yung account ko, then ayaw ko talaga.

So pwede ba. Don't you even dare. Langya, wag ka. Don't me woy.
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