I like to write, though I wouldn't consider myself a writer or author. I have these ideas that I picture so vividly, but when I try to write them. . . it's not what I imagined. So, I post here to try and improve and get feedback on my writing.

NOTE: Feb 2015. I didn't have the heart to delete this profile. I unpublished everything but won't delete. I hate the thought of losing all the votes and comments you all have given. . . plus I like the option to come back if I want to. Thank you for the 5 years of love and support.

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Description: Lara's coven is attacked and massacred. She is taken captive, but doesn't plan on being prisoner long. She plans her escape with the help from some under cover allies

hey...i heard about 'the V card'...it seem very interesting from the description...i am disappointed that it's unpublished..and i hope to be able to read it someday :)
nuha_alam posted a message to LovinLife808
Please, seriously whenever someone asks me what my favorite book on wattpad I always think of "The V Card" it's honestly such a good book! I remember the plot vividly and it is a real shame that you took it down. So all us fans ask is that you repost it. You obviously took it down for a valid reason only you know but we would really like to read it and gush about it all over again! Thanks x❤
I heard a lot about v card and now i m so damn inquisitive to read it...i hv been almost waiting for a year to read it...i thought that you ll publish again some time....pls pls...put it back in works for once..i want to read it!! 
adannasaur posted a message to LovinLife808
i read the description of your Escape book and realized that i had a dream really similar to it except it was a vampire story not a werewolf story. I have a Supernatural addiction (the tv show) i watch it way to much so my mind goes into weird places sometimes.