I like to write, though I wouldn't consider myself a writer or author. I have these ideas that I picture so vividly, but when I try to write them. . . it's not what I imagined. So, I post here to try and improve and get feedback on my writing.

NOTE: Feb 2015. I didn't have the heart to delete this profile. I unpublished everything but won't delete. I hate the thought of losing all the votes and comments you all have given. . . plus I like the option to come back if I want to. Thank you for the 5 years of love and support.

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LovinLife808 LovinLife808 Feb 01, 2015 06:47PM
Pulled off  "For Just One Night" and will be pulling "The Damned" at the end of the month to delete profile. Read up if you are in middle of it or planning to read it. 
            Thank you all for the years o...
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