You're about to invade the secrets of my Soul

Writing is My Passion, Love is my Inspiration, Beauty is my Information, and Life is my Confirmation.

""Beneath The Eyes behind the heart of my soul lies a place where no one will ever know"

"Life is the creator of a writer's words"

"Love yourself just the way you are And never give up on who you really are"

Some Fun Facts About Me=)
My Name is Nicole or Nikki either one works for me
Im 5"2 and a half
Im 22 years young
I Love to Write, Writing is my life
My Favorite song would be The Lightning Strike by Snow Patrol
I have six Tattoos so far
Im Crazily Insane
Awful and Lovely are My Favorite words
My Favorite books are the wicked lovely series and fifty shades of grey=)
I try to stay super positive, even when times are difficult
All My Writings always has a meaning behind it
I Love My Fans and Readers, You all make me ridiculously happy, thanks for supporting me, it means sooooooooooooo much to me
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    Inside The Eyes Behind The Heart Of Your Soul
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    Feb 08, 2012 06:40PM
LovelyShadows LovelyShadows Feb 09, 2013 10:48PM
why thank you!!=))) thanks for fanning back icedoverheart and honeybee=)
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