Hi all. I AM a writer (not a professional one but one day I might be) but it is going to be a while before I actually post one of my stories. I'm going to start trying to edit other people's pieces on here so if you have a story, or some of a story, that you plan on posting you can send it to me one chapter at a time and I will edit it for you.

You can tell me if you want just spelling and grammar fixed or you can ask me to reword and add more details. I will NOT edit Gay/Lesbian, Spriitistic/Demonic/or Witch type books and no R rated material. If your book falls in any of those categories PLEASE don't message me and try to convince me to edit your story. I will not change just for you. If your story doesn't contain any of those themes then you can message me and I will be willing to help.

I'm very trustworthy although I have never actually done this before. If you are considering asking me to help with your story just message me and I'll see if what I can do for you.


I'm a girl that absolutely LOVES horses. As you can see from my icon and my page. Those are two of the horses that I ride. The one in my icon is Chance and the one on my page is Stormy. I love them both to pieces and don't know what I would do without them.

I'm a total tom-girl and if you knew me you would know that. Other that horses, writing is a way for me to express myself without actually telling someone how I feel. When I started writing my first story it was practically just my life without using my name and I thought it was all about telling the world who I was. Now I've come to realize that I don't want to tell MY story, I want to tell the story of my characters. I'm able to tell my story just by living but the characters I create need me to speak for them. So that's what I'm going to do.

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