Hello Lovelies! 
I write a lot of BoyxBoy(Man) and they all contain smutty situations. A lot of my followers know that I have no self-control when my imagination goes it's own way. I love messages and I'll answer to them all. Thank you all for accepting my dirty mind. ;)
(I am still looking for a full-time editor and co-writer, must be at least 18)

I am currently updating:
A Captor's Promise
Let's Play Pretend.
Surviving Camp.

@HaleyDea15 she is an amazing writer. I love her so much!
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LoveenaJay LoveenaJay Jun 16, 2016 09:45PM
Hey Lovelies! Good news! I posted three chapters to the sequel of 'My Captor Loves Us" It's called "A Captors Promise" Go tell me what you think ;)
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A Captor's Promise (ManxBoy)

Social data: 2.5K reads. 196 votes. 69 comments.

Description: Sequel to My Captor Loves Us. It has been 9 years. Peter was shy and somewhat mute. He loved his two brothers company, but he wanted a friend. Peter only remembered the three other boys like a blur, a blur t...


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