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To everyone asking to view the rest of the chapters to "Growing Up With The Taylor Brothers" wattpad has put my story on private. To view it you have follow me and than re-add the book to your library. If that does not work than message me and I'll send you the link to the chapters xx

Before following me, A lot of my stories contain some sexual situations and some things that others might find unpleasant. My work is strictly rated M for mature! I am very honest with my work, I have a twisted flair to it. A lot of my work was published years ago, some not to long ago. I feel like my imagination is one of a kind, I will not change my stories to fit someone else's style of reading and writing. I love the feedback I get from everybody, I love the votes and comments and I love writing for the people who have followed my stories and enjoy them. I also enjoy receiving messages!

@HaleyDea15 she is an amazing writer.

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LoveenaJay LoveenaJay 10 hours ago
I just wanted to let everyone know who is reading "Forbidden Love, My Own Flesh And Blood" That I had unpublished the book for further editing. I will let everyone know when the book is back up! Than...
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