Hi! Thank you for stumbling apon my profile! 
Also, this account is 100% LGBTQ friendly, so if you don't support it, I kindly ask you to keep your opinions to yourself, at least on my profile please. (LARRY STYLINSON❤️❤️ JACHARY HAVERY❤️❤️)

In a band called The New Broken Scene

~83% Of Directioners (Directionators) Wouldn't Care If Niall Quit 1D. Repost If You Are One Of The 17% Who Would Fall On The Floor Dying.~

Proud member of the mendes army and proud directioner!!!
My name is Alyx . Ik I'm weird.
|Shawn Mendes|Why Don't We|One Direction|All Time Low|Twenty Øne Piløts|Imagine Dragons|Niall Horan|Liam Payne|The Vamps|Harry Styles|Zayn Malik|Louis Tomlinson|5 Seconds of Summer|Bring Me the Horizon|Nirvana|Chainsmokers|Coldplay|Green Day|Babe Rexha|iceage|Good Charlotte|Joan Jett|Many More|

If anyone would like support, this account is purely non-judge mental. I know how it feels to be judged by appearance or interests so anyone is welcome to PM if you would like some support.
Thank you and I hope you follow and PM, I love new friends!
Dear bullies,
You know that kid that you pushed earlier?
He just committed suicide.
That girl you called fat?
She's starving herself.
That boy you teased for crying?
His mother died.
That man you made fun of for his scars?
He fought for our country.
That girl you called dumb?
She is dyslexic.
That kid in a wheelchair you called retarded?
He risked his life to save a four year old.
That boy you called poor?
He works everyday to support his family.
And all the others?
You've just ruined their day and made their life harder.

Congratulations, you made it to the bottom. Here, have a potato.
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