i love music, reading, hanging out with family & friends. 

iLove writing, but i think i'm not good at it and also its more like a hobby, so i like reading other writer's stories(:
which are very good.!
iLove Greek Mythology.!(:
Im an open-minded girl and i respect others no matter what, but if you piss me off thats gonna be another story.!
i don't judge people and i hate it when people judge each other (its rude and theres more to people than what they look like or how they act)

I'm straight, but iLove boyxboy stories so i guess you can call me a fan girl
I support gay rights
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    Myy World(:
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    Oct 05, 2010 06:32PM
LoveIsAll LoveIsAll Mar 11, 2015 09:52PM
Doesn't feel like spring break . Haven't had a chance to get on and read any stories 
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