I'm Jason, 
I like to make things. I like to create. I'm an artist.
I like to draw, paint, dance, sing, play music, write, and all that jazz ;)
I've had my heart broken many times, and I don't plan on it happening again
I'm going to be single for a while.
I like guys.
I don't like to be judged.
If you can't say nothin' nice, don't say nothin' at all :)
I wont judge you, I like to be the safe place where people go for refuge.
SO, talk to me! :)
Fan me!
Message me!
I promise I'll TRY to fan/message back!
I love to talk to people so don't be afraid to say something! :)
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i lik u! ur very chill an really dont give a fuck bout wat ppl think of u. I'm that way. an so wat if ur gay? i mean ur interested in guys. there koo. but hay? ive always wanned a gay best frann. lol thats off topic an probably weird but ya. stay golden an tell all them haters that be sippin too much haterade to FUCK OFF OR SUCK IT! stay fresh! 
I totally agree with up your bio XD and I have no prob if u like guys! I actually get along better with people like that so I think we could be friends! PM, me hope to here back thx