Get to know Elle Fielding (LoveEpicLove)

Q. What are your favourite story lines?
A. Friends-to-lovers or enemies-to-lovers. Anything that has build-up. I hate insta-love.

Q. Where does your inspiration come from?
A. I've fallen in love with enough guys who never loved me back, lol.

Q. You love writing clichés, so what makes your stories unique?
A. I like to drop truth bombs in my stories. Some writers create tension by having their characters withhold information from each other. I like to throw out the big secrets and see what happens. I also like to think my heroines are discovering who they are and what they're made of as they fall in love.

Q. What kind of music do you listen to while writing?
A. All kinds. Sometimes I'll listen to a bizarre mix while writing one scene, like Def Leppard and Lil Wayne.

Q. Can you tell us something we don't know about you?
A. Okay, I wanted to be an actress once. I even took a few acting classes, but I didn't have...well, talent.

Q. What's your favourite romance novel?
A. Ooh, there are too many to name. Same with authors. I love most books by Sarah Mayberry and Lauren Layne. Mariana Zapata is great for slow-burn, and of course I love everything my good friend Lili Grouse writes.

Q. Which celebrity would you like to have dinner with?
A. Chris Evans. He's cute and he makes me laugh. Actually, I'd love to have dinner with Evans AND Hemsworth. They seem like they'd be a riot.

Q. Lastly, what has been your biggest career highlight as a writer?
A. Two come to mine. Having LCKM featured on Wattpad, of course, and the very first comment made on my first online story - "Friendship on Ice."


Elle Fielding lives on Australia's Mornington Peninsula with her husband, two children, and a ragdoll cat that wants to take over the world.

Status of works:
LCKM: 85,000 words. Complete.

WaL: 91,000 words. Complete.

NMBB: 87,000 words. Complete.
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    Melbourne, Australia
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    May 20, 2012 11:29AM

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It's done!!! Not My Bad Boy is now complete. The final four chapters have been posted. Chapter 24, Chapter 25, Chapter 26 & Epilogue are now up. Thank you to everyone who has supported this story by...
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