HEY YOU, YES YOU READING THIS, you are beautiful and i LOVE you all!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

Basically im a student who writes for fun. Most of my books are inspired from other books and real life!

I love:
Basically all animals but spiders!

My favourite quote is - Hope is free ( A G N flew)

How do you feel when you see homeless on the street?
Do you feel safe at home?
How do you feel when you see a parent losing their child?
Do you feel lucky?
How do you feel when you see a patient fighting illness?
Do you feel proud?
Yes? to all three? then:
Live today as if it is your last.
Cherish each moment with family and friends.
Tell someone you love them!
Be spontanious!
Who knows this could be your last day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please enjoy my books and poems, i havent got much time so i may not update them much sorry!
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