Hi , Im a directioner and im from Scotland . I love to read fanfics and fangirl over One Direction with my best friend . She is also MadAbout1D. They are litrally my lives:)

Im in deeply love with GeorgeShelley from the x factor , i knew there was a spark when i irst met him . Threw my t.v but still:)

I come from a place in scotland called'Coatbridge' and i love it here . The best place in the world for me is either in my bed or in the kitchen . I have aMASSIVE fear of birds because when i was younger i was at edinburgh zoo and i was feeding the birds and a bird came down and landed on me and started attacking my hand . I have been scared of then since :)

Im glad to say , im not the only crazy,weird and freakish person in the world but my friend is , im like the craziest though . I love jumpingo off swings in mid-air and shouting superman but sometime i land on my bum and laugh like theres no tomorrow. which reminds me . I like carrots. Toms are awesome , my brother says they are like granny shoes , i defended them but we ended up in a bitch figh . Ya'know , slapping like theres no tommorrow:)I Love My randomer(my nickname for my fan*bestfriend*)because she is just like the craziest thing ever after me , i got like all Hyper after starbucks so trust me , never buy me starbucks , unless you can handle weirdo's.

I may or may not have a life , i dont know??:)

I have wrote alot now and am talking to my self so im going to stop writing coz my brother has a 'are you crazy' look on his face:) so.um.....yeah,bye:)
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@megan_niall_louis_ Thanks for fanning back and thankyou , i think i will because i usally get bored easy :)
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