"Old enough to know better, young enough not to care."

I write to amuse, entertain, and to give people something to read that isn't cliched and boring.

Useless Facts About Me-
- I'm much too young to be this cynical
- I absolutely hate eating fish. It's slimy. And fishy. Fish are friends, not food.
- I'm obsessed with the Walking Dead and Hannibal.
- I publish my chapters sporadically, so don't look for a pattern.

I LOVE ALL OF MY READERS. You mean the world to me. :D
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LostInStars LostInStars Nov 28, 2015 09:39PM
You should all check out my new story To Desire An Immortal. 
      It's good. I promise. :D I'm not THAT biased.
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To Desire An Immortal

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Description: Imagine having the ability to make others fall in love with you. Seductive, isn't it? But for immortal Victoria, the gift is a penance. When she breaks a law for the man she loves, she sets off a rippling chai...


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