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i'm Jennie
oldies and alternative punk

frank sinatra
beach boys
all time low
the cab
frankie valli & four seasons

every day by David Levithan
try not to breathe by Jennifer Hubbard
thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher

the happiness of myself and the people around me

personal: http://you-matter-stay-strong.tumblr.com/

before the previous bio was deleted, i had written to suicidals. If you're going through a rough time, it will be okay. Because in the end, everything is gonna be okay. and if its not okay, then its not the end :)
and you know what? nobody said this would be easy. but i'm telling you now, it will be worth it. I dont know anything about you right now, but whatever you're going through, big or small, you're not alone and you won't ever be. you have yourself. love yourself for who you are because you were born to embrace yourself. Whatever you're going through does not define you. You are strong.

Selfharm is not the answer. Suicide is not the answer.

be happy with who you are. with what you have. and how you are. embrace yourself.

i'd say im here for you, but i cant promise you anything. (CLOSED for own recovery)
If you message me, I will respond late :(

Stay strong <3

Change is okay.
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If friends were pounds, I would weigh nothing.
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