Hey, my name is Megan B)

I'm 17 and I'm from England. I enjoy writing stories because I love the idea that I can create an entire world/ life just by writing it down, and also that I have the power to decide what course the characters take and what the outcome at the end of the story is. It's like an entire fantasy universe where literally everything that happens is at the power of your imagination. It fascinates me so much that I can make multiple worlds/lives where anything can happen.

I hope you all enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them!

Thats it, thankyou! x
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    Touring with my favourite bands<3
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LosingThoughtOfMind LosingThoughtOfMind Jun 09, 2015 11:54AM
Hey everybody, I know it's been a while and I apologise for that! I'm nearly done with all of my exams, I've left school and I have 3 months before I start college so I'm going to have so much time o...
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