Hello there~
Welcome to my Wattpad account! Hope you'll like my books. I'll write slow but I can't do anything about it. My work is eating my time.

Anyway, something about me and my books:
- You can call me Roxy or Yumiko (both are my first names)
- I'll write my books in english, spanish, german, romanian, maybe japanese, chinese and korean, and many other languages. Because way not? Is fun to learn other languages. But each book will have a duplicate one in english. Not all of us know perfectly other languages. I don't know how good or correct I'll write in other languages, but I'll try my best.
- all the books I'll write will be about lgbtqia (but most of them will be about gay people, bl, boy x boy, man x boy, yaoi, etc)
- Soon I'll share this account with an old friend because they are more active than me on this app and I trust them enough to share my work with them. I'll sign myself with both my first names and they will sign themselves with "ColorfulNerd" / "Color" / "Blady".

Hope you'll enjoy our books and have a great time~

Roxy Yumiko: Hello guys. So from from now on, me and my dear friend Blady will share this account. And all the book that are posted on this account are ours. Not collaborations. We'll be co-writers.

Blady/Color: Hey guys. Nice to meet ya all. So yeah. Me and Yumiko will be co-writers. And... most of our books will be about anime ships.

Roxy Yumiko: Yes! Like BNHA, Naruto (I've grown with this one), Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, Houseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous, Vampire Knight and many other anime. Maybe some old animes as well, like Patalliro.

Blady/Color: Also books about characters from video games, like UnderTale and Twisted Wonderland or from Otome games, like BlushBlush (I'm currently playing this one). Or anime/manga/games characters x readers/our oc.

Tapas.io - https://tapas.io/Yumiko_and_Color
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Blady/Color: Hey guys! Happy New year! Even if it's the second day XDYumiko is in a Holy Day trip with her lovers and doesn't have a good telephone signal so I'll be the one trying to write.First...
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