Hello there I'm Sarah :)))

17 // California

(Yes that's me in my profile picture )

I created this account about 4 years ago looking for somewhere to write out the stories living in my head, but didn't expect to find a community of so many others like me! So many people creating, sharing, and appreciating story telling. I've grown a lot since I've started writing, so bear with me as my writing style has changed much since.

Facts about me:
•I love Harry Potter (I was sorted into Gryffindor)
•I love the color green
•I'm an adrenaline junkie
•I love Dr. Pepper
•I'm 5'11 (yes, I know you thought of how I probably look like Hagrid)
•if you watch Once Upon a Time or The Walking Dead... Message me and we can fangirl
•I have a severe case of wanderlust
•oh and I'm an artist! Follow my art account on insta @sarahmelissaart

Please feel free to get to know me more! I love and appreciate all the support and comments I receive here on Wattpad :))))
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He's That Summer Breeze

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Description: Callia Clarion is a 16-year-old, short tempered, book enthusiast with a lot on her mind. Zach McKay, her best friend, is a calm and collected artist with the hope of leaving a small town. Neither of them really planned on spending their summer in a...

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Her Favorite Month is August

Her Favorite Month is August

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When love says "Hello", what do you say back?

I know I have been commenting so frequently lately on your stories, and I have done so in the past, but I read this story a couple of years ago and I remember it blowing me away. I'm rereading it once again and I find myself feeling inspired and in awe of such a great story. It's weird to think that Marley and Clary aren't actually a part of the original Harry Potter series sometimes because this fanfiction means so much to me. Anyways, just wanted to share how much I love this.